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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Digipak Research -Nine Inch Nails-

Front Cover
This is the digipak for the Rock band 'Nine Inch Nails'. This is a special limited edition version of the album, since their albums are usually released digitally for free. The style of this digipak is vastly different form the Katy Perry one I analysed before, and righlty so since this band has a completley different style and a different genre.
The genre of this band is 'Industrial Rock' and their style is very new age and modern. This can be seen in the artwork, unlike Katy Perry's they do not have any pictures of the band, the artwork is very abstract, it makes people wonder about the meaning behind it. It represents itself as very serious and meaningful, and it is up to the fans to deciper its meaning.

Below is what the actual digipak looks like, the colours are consistent - Black and white and it overall looks very dark and it matches the image of the band.

Below is some of the artwork featured in the insert of the digipak, it seems to just be various different shapes in earthly colours, its very artsy and I like the colour palette used.


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