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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Digipaks Research -Katy Perry-

Digipaks are a great way to reinforce the artists image and style, as are any artworks related to the artist such as posters, album art, images on merchandise ect. Different genre artists will have different imagery on their artworks and digipaks, this post will look at Katy Perry's Digipak for her album 'Teenage Dream' which is her second released album. The genre is pop and the artwork is stylised to match her image at the time it was released. 

The front cover has the artwork used on the normal album, its very feminie and sweet and features the artist in the center of the image, this is to establish the artists importnace and draw the new customers in, familiarising them with the artist.                                                                 The cover is also simplistic as it has no text to announce what it is (like the title of the album or the artists name) as most people already have seen this image and this artist so many times before they don't need to be told, they have become accustomed to seeing the artist in magazines and TV/billboard advert. The only other thing on there apart from the artists image is the 'Parental Advisory' logo, this is a legal requriement for the recording company to announce the nature of the content of the album, so whether it has any violent or agressive lyrics or curse words or any sort of explicit material.

These next two images are of the inside of the Digipak. The images here are again simplistic and look very regal which might be because she Katy is meant to be representing a prom queen. Prom is a very important and special event in the lives of the american teenagers, especially girls since they have have a chance to be prom queen which might have been their own 'Teenage Dream' thus the images link back to the title and idea behind this album. The whole of Katy Perry's new album has an undercurrent theme of sweetnes which comes form the vrious candy elements in the artwork, for example as you can see the actual CD is striped red and white so it looks like candy (pictured right) and in the panelwhere the CD sits, is a piture of a cake.

This is the insert booklet that comes with the Digipak. These are essential in CD packaging as they are also used in standard jewel cases. They usually feature pictures of the artist and lyrics or song titles from the album, sometimes the pictures wont be of the artist but just artistic images that match the theme and or colours of the whole pack. In this case the images are of Katy Perry, they are similar to the other images used in this digipack, most likley from the sme shoot, they all feature Katy against a startling black background, which makes her stand out, and it also forces people to pay attention to her outfir and accessories which are candy themed again.

Here you can see the insert has text, which could be lyrics or messages from the artist or a list of people who worked on the album


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