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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Evaluating Foundation Production

A. What when wrong?

I think we did not spend enough time on filming. We rushed the filming process, and thus we did not get enough good shots, if we planned more ahead we would have know what we were doing and what we needed to shoot for our sequence. We also rushed the adding of music and sound, since that was what we had to do last we left it to the last minute, so I think we didn't spend enough time looking for the perfect music track to add to our sequence.

B.What worked ?

Our opening sequence had a good theme and narrative, it was clear to understand. 
The actors performed really well so the sequence was believable and looked professional. 
We spent a lot of time editing the footage thus making it the best it could be.

C.  What you should have done

We should have planned more ahead and made more storyboards with different ideas of how to shoot the footage, this would have saved us a lot of time and trouble when we were out shooting the footage because we were constantly trying to think of different ways we could film it to have a wide variety of shots when it came to editing it. Plus we should have shot more takes of one scene, so that we have the best one possible to pick when editing and so that we have a bunch of them in case one was either faulty or just didn't look good, this would also save us trouble because we wouldn't have to re-shoot anything.

D. what you plan to do next time differently

I plan on spending more time thinking about our idea and how we can portray it on camera, so that when we are out filming we all know what we are trying to get across to our audience. I also plan on spending more time planning and writing storyboards, and coming up with good ideas. When we are ready to film I plan on getting a large amount of footage shot so that our music video is not repetitive or boring and has a variety of different camera shots and locations.