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Monday, 24 September 2012

Intertextuality in Music Vidoes

"Intertextuality" refers to the way a text is shaped by other text.

In the case of music videos its how a music video is shaped/inspired by other media texts such as films, TV-shows and pop culture. When used It can spark recognition in the audience, generate nostalgic associations as well as new meanings. This can create a bond between the artist and the viewer because the viewer feels like they can relate to the artist as they both can enjoy the reference.
A good example is the music video 'What You Waiting For?' by Gwen Stefani:

The video properly starts at 1:40min, and we can clearly see connotations to Alice in the Wonderland, it is shown by the style of the clothes and the locations and overall the whole  mis-en-scene.

Below is a montage I made that displays the main iconic images used in the music video and what they refer to:
(Click to enlarge)
The use of intertextuality in this music video makes it more interesting and appealing to the viewers that have seen the film Alice in the Wonderland or read the book, because it is a different use and interpretation of the text that they might have once enjoyed.

John Stuarts description of the music video “ incorporating, raiding and reconstructing ” is essentially the essence of intertextuality.


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