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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Influential Music Video II

Gives You Hell - The All American Rejects

 The main music video for the single, was directed by Marc Webb. Lead vocalist Tyson Ritter plays the dual roles of a traditional family man and his rowdy next-door neighbor who fronts a noisy garage band, which includes the other members of The All-American Rejects. When the rocker's nocturnal racket keeps the family-man awake at night, it sets off a prank war. The conflict comes to a head one evening as the neighbors confront each other outdoors where people are yelling the chorus of "Gives You Hell". As the two neighbors bicker, their wives quietly propose swapping spouses. The family man seems oddly intrigued by the offer, and the two men have switched homes by the video's end, with the family man singing with his rival's garage band, and the rocker sleeps with his rival's wife.

 I really liked this video because its really funny and has an interesting narrative, it incorporated the band performance into the story really well and it was very fun.
The lyrics and the theme of the song match the narrative of the music music video - Theme is about a dysfunctional relationship and the video portrays that well with the idea of two very different neighbors that are constantly fighting and who despise each other. The good mix of narrative and performance meant that the video was more exciting and portrayed the band really well because it showed that they are fun and can make fun of themselves plus it showed all of the band members which is important when shooting a music video for a group.
It also had good locations/ props/ costumes - it made the video more believable and life like - some people can relate to it.

Over all this video is inspirational because it has an original idea for the story, while still maintain the image the band has, its different to their other videos and it shows a different side to them that the fans can experience. When I start coming up with ideas for my music video I will definitely consider doing a fun/comedic narrative like this one.


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