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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Music video Directors. -WIP-

Ace Norton

Ace Norton is a music video and commercial director. Norton's body of work includes music videos for artists such as Jenifer Lopez, The Virgins, Foster the People, Death Cab for Cutie, Regina Spektor, Scissor Sisters and The Fray, as well as promotional campaigns for Honda Element, coca cola, and McDonalds.

Below is a music video Ace directed for a band called 'Foster the People'. I really like this music video, I think its very creative and intriguing. The video is based on the concept of kids taking over and running a post-apocalyptic world, you could argue that its is intertextual because it has significant connotations associated with dystopian texts such as Lord of The Flies or Mad Max.


 This video below is another one of Ace's videos done for the same band. This video is for a song titled 'Call it what you want'. 
The video is very quirky and artsy, like most of his work.
Ace had said that his inspiration for this video comes from his childhood nightmares so it doesn't  make a lot of sense and it doesn't have a clear cut narrative, but the viewer can draw their own interpretations. This video features a lot of different props and is very quickly cut to match the pace of the beats.


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